June 12, 2019

Mishmish My Cat – A Poem by Yusra Kazmi

Here’s a nice little poem by my daughter Yusra about our cat Mishmish. She also drew a nice illustration to go with it 🙂

Mishmish My Cat - A Poem & Illustration by Yusra Kazmi
Mishmish My Cat – A Poem & Illustration by Yusra Kazmi

My cat is a playful cat,
He has white fur,
His body is lean, not fat,
When you stroke him he will purr.

My cat is a pestering cat,
He has black ears,
He looks through every hole, as if sniffing out a rat,
Through those holes he looks and peers.

My cat is a pretty cat,
His coat is sleek,
He has small, dainty paws,
His tiny voice is always meek.

My cat is the perfect cat,
He will always be mine,
He is my forever favorite,
From all my cats to this time.
My cat is: playful, pestering, pretty and . . .

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