July 25, 2020

Why this Pandemic? Pause, Reflect – A Poem by Zahra Venkat (Umm Aadam)

This pandemic that all of us are witnessing has affected us all in many ways, but the wise person should pause, reflect and take lessons from it! Here is a wonderful poem by Sister Zahra Venkat encouraging all believers to take heed and use this time wisely. Sister Zahra lives in the UAE. Illustration by Huda Kazmi.

Memories - By Huda Kazmi

Memories – Illustration By Huda Kazmi

It almost feels impossible,
That we’d ever go back to looking at, living life,
The same way again.
Reflect, o believer!
When we were busy racing through the mundanities of everyday,
We almost forgot to be intentional in our actions,
Or intentionally be awake.

With every sunrise, we waited for the sunset.
Doesn’t it now feel,
Like a pause button has been hit,
Just for us?
– to intentionally redefine our purpose,
value each breath,
each movement of limb,
The heart that pumps,
The lungs that toil.

It feels like the air around us,
is being revitalized, and yet there is a fear,
Of the unknown, the uncertain,
That grips us.
And so it should, rightly so.
For there is a lot of it we have taken for granted,
A lot we have wasted.

But somehow, there is a certainty,
In knowing,
It is only making us remember
Allah, and our covenant with Him,
Remember, to reflect,
To awake, prostrate, repent,
With purpose,
Before we forget again,
Or slip back into slumber.

– By Zahra V.

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