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Assalaam-u-alaikum! (Peace be unto you!)

Welcome to IslamicComics.org!*

My name is Absar Kazmi and I’m a writer and an illustrator.  I’m also the developer of the Life with the Ahmad Family comics series. Insha Allah, on this website you’ll find lots of fun and educational material for young Muslims. There are lots of Islamic comics, coloring and activity pages, illustrations and stories by myself, my daughters (Imaan, Huda, Yusra and Wardah) and by Muslim youngsters from all over.

There are also lots of AWESOME ebooks you can purchase from our online store!

Our Mission, Aim & Values

We started this website in order to encourage young Muslims all over the world to READ, WRITE & DRAW!!

Our mission is to remind Muslims of the great morals and values of Islam and to promote tolerance and respect among all faiths and cultures, through entertaining, educational & halal content!

Please Note: We follow the Qur’an and the authentic ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and do not promote any specific school of thought, sect, or political movement.

Send us Your Stories and Drawings!

We would love it if you send in your work too! If you would like to send in a story or illustration, please email it to us at [email protected]!

Need an Illustrator?

If you need an illustrator for your book, have a suggestion or comment about the website, or just want to say ‘Salaam’, you can contact me at the same email address too!

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Our main intention behind starting this website is da’wah through entertaining and educational content. If you believe in our mission and like the work we are doing, then please consider supporting us!  Click here to learn how!

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