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Noor of Ramadan – Illustration by Haadiya Bhanger (10 Yrs)

Here’s a lovely illustration called ‘Noor of Ramadan’ by Sister Haadiya Bhanger, Aged 10, from Karachi, Pakistan. I love the shading and the lanterns. And it just goes to show that there is beauty in simplicity. Jazak Allahu khair for your contribution Sister Haadiya! Related posts: Ballerinas – By Hana Abdus Samad (Age 9) The […]

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Voices of Palestine Illustration by Wardah Kazmi

May Allah send His Help to our beloved brothers and sisters in Palestine, especially our brothers and sisters in Gaza! May Allah grant the martyrs Jannah and grant freedom to those who are alive. My daughter Wardah Kazmi illustrated the below picture as a reminder that Allah will soon establish justice… ‘And never think that […]

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The Disappearing Iftar – Ahmad Family Ramadan Cartoon

The month of Ramadan is going great for the Ahmad Family, until portions of the iftar begin to mysteriously disappear. Added to that, Jamal is acting very strangely. Where is the iftar going and does Jamal have anything to do with it? Watch this thought provoking and heart-warming Islamic cartoon to find out! Ramadan Mubarak! […]

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