August 29, 2022

Hope – A Poem by Tania Shahid

Hope - A Poem by Tania Shahid

Hope – A Poem by Tania Shahid

When tears no longer seem to flow
When darkness becomes a constant companion
When lies and heartbreaks are all there is

When the smile is just too bright
When the tears just too meaningful
When all the world fades away

And that is when hope tiptoes in
Spreading light, breaking shadows
Making one yearn, for The Everlasting One

~by Tania Shahid


About the Author

Tania Shahid is a 16-year old Pakistani author. Her first book, “The Meredith Clock” was published in July of 2018. She is currently in her first semester of college and hopes to become a great writer, poet and artist one day.

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