August 29, 2022

Time – A Poem by Tania Shahid

Time - A Poem by Tania Shahid

Time – A Poem by Tania Shahid

Ah, time
A friend
A foe
A healer
A winged bird
A rhythmic motion
A wrinkle of the old

Ah, time
The change in generations
Difference between past and future
Contrast between new and old
Prism of seasons
And above all
A present by nature
When all the world fades away
When all friends seem far away
When life becomes a sea of illusions

~ By Tania Shahid


About the Author

Tania Shahid is a 16-year old Pakistani author. Her first book, “The Meredith Clock” was published in July of 2018. She is currently in her first semester of college and hopes to become a great writer, poet and artist one day.

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