July 13, 2020

Welcome to Forgotten Land – A Poem by Rayan Tabidis

No matter how difficult things get, there is always Allah and so there is always hope! Here is a truly uplifting poem discussing Covid-19 by Rayan Tabidis. Rayan is 16 years old and a junior at Al-Noor Academy located in Massachusetts, USA. Illustration by Huda Kazmi.

Cherry Blossom - by Huda Kazmi

Cherry Blossom Illustration By Huda Kazmi

As I start to come to my senses I ask myself “where am I?”

Thoughts pop into my head like, “could this be the end? The final goodbye?”

I refuse to believe such a ridiculous thought,

So I tried to get up, really give it all I’ve got.

 I was just about ready to give up, when a sign flashed in front of my eyes.

It read “Welcome to Forgotten Land, population: you.”

Now this is a place I’d never thought I’d come to.

There must be a way out, some kind of escape.

Walking down the road I see a booth in really bad shape.

In it stood a man at about five-foot-four,

He told me the only way I could learn the reason I was here was to  look introspectively

Look deep into my core. 

So I went down Mind Boulevard and took a left on Conscience Lane.

And I found that people allowed themselves to forget about me because they don’t know what they can gain.

They didn’t make any effort to keep me in their heart when times weren’t rough.

Here I am trying to understand how people thought their actions alone were enough.

A young man was applying to college prepared as can be.

With his 1590 SATs, and his hours of helping underprivileged communities,

But you see… he forgot the key that unlocked the door of infinite opportunities.

A woman who had just finished graduate school applied to a job.

She met all of the requirements but was missing one major component,

The faith that Allah would do his part and keep her out of unemployment.

As I kept walking down the road there was another booth, except it was tiny 

This one was different, it was nice and shiny.

Inside it was the same man with a different message. 

He said “the only exit is through people that live by you..

People who recognize that success is in the hands of Allah .”

I begin to wander down Belief Street.

On it I saw a poor farmer planting a tree.

He planted the seed, watered it and then let be.

He turned his back and raised his hands to the sky,

And prayed to Allah that his tree would grow high.

I spotted a hospital and something caught my eye.

An elderly woman suffering COVID-19 in room 208 

Laying on her deathbed she accepted her fate. 

She knows soon it’s her time to go. 

Yet still does all that reinforces her faith in God, and prays for a miracle.

Allah granted her health after these simple actions.

I witnessed her recovery and then saw three flashes.

Those flashes lead me through Realization Road.


 I was back to the place where I truly felt at home.

Back to  the hearts of the believers that had kept my humble abode warm.

As I enter I see a sign that reads “Welcome Home Tawakkul”. 

~ Rayan Tabidis

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