August 13, 2020

The Sanity within Me – A Poem by Zahra Venkat (Umm Aadam)

In troubled times we are often tempted to lash out at everything! Or turn our back on all that we have built and just walk away. However, this is when we should look inward, to our conscience, and listen to what it says. An important reminder by Umm Aadam. Illustration by Yusra Kazmi.

Sanity - by Yusra Kazmi

Sanity – by Yusra Kazmi


If I could break them all I would, the white walls that surround me..
If I could pick up and go I would, to lands far away and the seas..


Sit atop a tree, listen to the bees..
Look down from a mountain, watch the horizon.
The rainbow has seven colors, across the world’s skies, all seven,
I wish to see..


If I could break them all I would, the many shackles that bind me..
Age.. Love.. and Responsibility..
Yes.. If I could.. I would.


Into the mirror I stop and stare,
The woman within me is still standing there..


Prison for the believer, she says.
Coolness of your eyes, she says.
Trial and hardships, she says.
Blessings and rewards, she says.
Choose wisely, she says.
Permanent is the abode of the hereafter, she says.


The gardens and springs you long for await you there,
The trees and the fruits that none has ever seen.
The peace, joy and happiness, its all there,
That nothing in this world can ever bring.


Into the mirror I stop and stare,
My soul beneath the wear and tear.
Through the broken glasses I can now clearly see,
She is the sanity within me.


 by Zahra Venkat (Umm Aadam)
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