July 15, 2020

Compassion to the Earth – A Poem by Sumeyyah Laher

A touching poem and urgent call to action by Sumeyyah Laher, age 11. She clearly feels very strongly about the way human beings are destroying the planet they call home and tells us how we can still save this beautiful earth! Illustration by Wardah Kazmi.

Ruined Earth - by Wardah Kazmi

Illustration by Wardah Kazmi

Allah created the earth from the land to the sea
And all He had to do was just say “be”

But now people are ruining His beautiful place
But they don’t care and keep doing it, leaving the world in disgrace

We chop down trees and hurt animals too
And don’t seem to know that the earth dying is true

If we don’t stop and help this earth, it will die
And we all go with it and say goodbye

The orcas and the turtles those poor little things
If we don’t help we will never see the turtles crawl or hear the orcas sing

People keep throwing trash into the ocean
So here is my notion

We need to act fast or this earth will not survive
We need to walk to places and not destroy beehives
Stop throwing trash everywhere except in the bin
So we can save all these feathers and fins

Not just the animals, all living things
So to save this we need to do anything and everything!

~ Sumeyyah Laher

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