June 2, 2020

Aadam (AS) and Hawaa (AS) – A Poem by Brother Atique Miah

Aadam and Hawaa - Poem by Atique Miah

                                                    Aadam and Hawaa – Poem by Atique Miah, Illustration by Yusra Kazmi

Aadam the Prophet was the first man on Earth
Have you heard about his miraculous birth?

Created was he from many types of clay
It all came from Earth from far and away

Allah named him Aadam leading mankind to be
Destined for greatness that he couldn’t yet see

Father of all humans he taught right from wrong
To Allah is our return and to Him we belong

Almighty Allah Made an image so unique
Angels and djinns had seen nothing so sleek

The body of this man lay there in its place
For all around to view from his toes to his face

Iblees, who was a djinn among the angels, glared
He saw this new being and inside he felt scared

“For what reason is this ‘thing’, that Allah has made?
While years I’ve been loyal, and worshipped and prayed

It was I, that was chosen to be close to Allah
And only I am the supreme and the greatest by far

The djinns were on earth in the greatest of error
Fighting each other unleashing their terror

I alone repaired the problems of djinn-kind
I am Number One above angels you’ll find!”

That silly Iblees, should’ve known he
Guidance comes only, from Allah you see

Yes, we make effort, and try our best
But only with Allah, do all results rest

As humans we always, remember we must
To rely on Allah, as He is Most Just

We mustn’t forget, to put effort in haste
Allah will not allow, for our efforts to waste

The angels too wondered, why Allah had made
Yet another creature, the earth he might degrade

Allah’s Response was loud, and it was very clear
He Knew what they meant and Knew what they feared!

Mankind has the power, for remarkable things
Which make them exclusive, from angels and djinns

Mankind has the power, for themselves to think
They can choose what is right, or else they will sink

If man can overpower, his basal desires
He can save himself, from the greatest of fires

The people that listen, and the ones that take heed
Will seek out success, so from punishment be freed”

So Allah Created man, by one special command
He Gave him a soul, and Allowed him to stand

The names of all things, to man did He Teach
Now man had knowledge, beyond Iblees’ reach

Iblees was no angel, but would not give thanks
He’d worked his way up, and rose above their ranks

But now Iblees worried, his place would be taken
By this man who knew things, about all of creation

The whole group was ordered, bow before this man
Everyone obeyed, except Iblees the Shaytaan

He was too proud, to lower down his head
“My fire is better, than this clay”, he said

Disobeying Allah, was Shaytaan with his pride
Until now he was faithful, but had shown his true side

He was ordered to leave, the group he was in
There was no place for arrogance, or any such sin

Shaytaan knew the Lord, has Infinite Mercy
And so he took a chance, to ask Allah and see…

“My Lord let me live, until The Judgement Day”
In his mind he thought “I’ll lead humans astray

I’ll teach them to be haughty, and tell them to shout
At parents and elders, when they’re out and about”

He schemed to himself, with this plan in his mind
He likes us to be rude, and to be mean and unkind

Allah Allowed Shaytaan, his wish of respite
So each day remember, Shaytaan you must fight

He puts wicked thoughts, inside our hearts
He’s wanted us to fail, right from the start

Aadam felt alone, in the garden he was kept
So Allah Made a wife, for him while he slept

He woke up from his slumber, beside him to find
The most beautiful being, right there by his side

“Who are you” he asked, “and why are you here?”
“I am the first woman – your wife, so don’t fear”

Allah told them, that they were partners for life
For both to live in harmony, as husband and wife

They were told they could go, and roam away free
But reminded to stay away, from one specific tree

They promised they would refrain, from going near
But Shaytaan the Accursed, whispered in their ear

“That tree that you have, been told to avoid
Its fruits give pleasure that you’ve never enjoyed”

He whispered and whispered, until they forgot
The promise they’d made, of avoiding that spot

They ate from the tree, his lies they believed
Their clothes disappeared- they covered with leaves

He laughed to himself- they forgot Allah’s Command
To make them slip up, had always been his plan

For this reason, they were, from Paradise removed
Transported to Earth, where lifetime was approved

Shaytaan the arrogant, is always angry and mad
He lost all he worked for, and everything he had

Because of his pride, he blamed Aadam for his loss
We must accept our faults, and change at all cost

Unanimous agreement, an error had been made
They asked Allah’s Forgiveness, for being waylaid

On a Friday they descended, upon the green Earth
To many, many children- Hawaa had given birth

With every born twin, was a sister and a brother
Marriage was decreed, to the sibling of the other

Aadam had two sons, Habeel and Qabeel
Qabeel was envious, and proposed to steal

Qabeel made a challenge, to his brother in a fight
But Habeel- he declined, he knew this wasn’t right

Qabeel held no restraint, and went in for the kill
Habeel was much stronger- his body now lay still

This where it happened, the first murder of its kind
Frantically he tried for a hiding place to find

When he saw one bird, bury another in the ground
He knew just then that now, the perfect place was found

The body of Habeel was laid beneath the weeds
Murder in the first, forevermore among his deeds

The unkindness of Qabeel, grew within him stronger
He decided not to stay, with his parents any longer

He moved away soon after, to far and distant lands
Leaving behind the deeds committed with his hands

Reading this account, here’s something we can learn
Away from all the prideful, Allah will always Turn

Arrogance and pride, are traits of that Shaytaan
Not part of the character, to be found within man


Poem by Atique Miah, Illustration by Yusra Kazmi.

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