August 29, 2016

Snowy – A Poem for Eid ul Adha (by Imaan Kazmi, Age 14)

A funny poem for ‘Eid ul Adha, about a naughty little goat named Snowy, by Imaan Kazmi age 14. Enjoy!


Snowy the Goat - A Poem about Eid ul Adha by Imaan Kazmi

Snowy the Goat – A Poem about Eid ul Adha by Imaan Kazmi

Snowy was a fat white goat,
Without a black hair.
He had little horns on top of his head,
And he whisked his tail in the air.

He had a very fine appetite, too,

And that explains why
He ate up Granny’s flowerbeds,
Then scoffed her apple pie.

Oh, Grandpa dear, I greatly fear,
He munched your cabbages too;
And your tomatoes were also gobbled up
By you-know-who.

Daddy went to cut the lawn,
But he was spared the trouble.
Our naughty goat had struck again,
And not left even a stubble.

Everyone loves Mummy’s cakes,
All soft and creamy and delicious,
But they were burgled from the window-sill,
By a white goat malicious.

Sissy pranced about
In her new dress blue and bold,
Snowy thought her conceited so
He scarfed up every fold.

My little brother loves to play ball,
But not as much as Snowy;
He chased the ball with all his might,
And brought it back all chewy.

That is why on this joyful day,
Our family is so bright;
For Snowy shall be our supper today,
And he won’t get a bite!


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