September 1, 2016

The Lost Goat – By Yusra Kazmi, Age 9

In this story by Yusra Kazmi; Haniyah and her brother Hasan lose their ‘Eid ul Adha goat, but in the end they learn an important lesson!


Hasan and Haniyah Hafidh were brother and sister.

Hasan was 8 and Haniyah was 6. They had a baby brother named Husian, he was 6 months old.

It was a few days before Eid-ul-Adha, their Abi bought a white, plump, friendly and very cheeky goat. H

The Lost Goat, by Yusra Kazmi, Age 9

The Lost Goat, by Yusra Kazmi, Age 9

is name was Nibble. Nibble had no horns. But he had very long ears, almost as long as a rabbit’s and small brown pointed hooves. Nibble had a cheeky smile on his face. Nibble had sparkly hazelnut brown eyes.

Every day after the children’s work books they would go outside and play with Nibble. But one day, they went outside and Nibble was not there.

“Hasan, where is Nibble? I can’t find him,” said Haniyah in a very worried tone.

“I don’t know,” answered Hasan, “let’s check that way.”

You must be wondering what happened to Nibble the goat. I can tell you what happened to him: Well, yesterday the children forgot to tie Nibble’s rope and ran inside for Maghrib prayer. So then Nibble ran loose!

“Boohoohoo!” sobbed Haniyah. “It’s all our fault, boohoo!”

“No it’s not. We just made a mistake, that’s all. Don’t cry Haniyah, or Ummi and Abi will find out that we lost him. Come on let’s find him,” said Hasan.

“But how? Ummi and Abi are downstairs and we are supposed to be asleep, it’s bedtime.” Sniffed the little sad girl.

“We’ll have to go out the window and be very quiet,” answered Hasan.


It had been several hours and the two children were about to give-up,  when Hasan spotted a white bit of something near some bushes,

“Haniyah, look there! I think our quest is a success!” He said. The two children walked closer to the bushes and then:

“AAAAHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!” screamed Haniyah.

“Haniyah what’s wrong?” asked Hasan. Haniyah quickly pointed to her cut and bleeding knee. The white thing that Hasan saw was Nibble, who was so scared that he bit Haniyah’s knee really hard. “I will get Ummi and Abi, they will know what to do,” said Hasan.

Hasan ran out of the forest crazily and after half-an-hour Ummi and Abi were right in front of Haniyah and Nibble.

“Haniyah what happened?” asked Ummi.

“M-my knee it’s cut and bleeding. Ouch!” squealed Haniyah.

“Ah I see. Let’s take her and Nibble home.” Said Abi.

The rest of the weekend was a nice sunny Eid-ul-Adhah.



Moral of the story: Don’t keep secrets from your Parents, otherwise you could get hurt just like Haniyah Hafidh.

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