September 20, 2016

Rainy Day

Assalaamu Alaykum. This is the second chapter of The Muslims comic by Ahmad Philips! I pray it is of benefit and enjoyment to you. I really liked working on this chapter. It’s twice as long as the last one, and hopefully twice as good! Be sure to check us out on Facebook:

the_muslims_ch02_01 the_muslims_ch02_02 the_muslims_ch02_03 the_muslims_ch02_04 the_muslims_ch02_05 the_muslims_ch02_06 the_muslims_ch02_07 the_muslims_ch02_08 the_muslims_ch02_09 the_muslims_ch02_10 the_muslims_ch02_11 the_muslims_ch02_12 the_muslims_ch02_13 the_muslims_ch02_14 the_muslims_ch02_15 the_muslims_ch02_16 the_muslims_ch02_17 the_muslims_ch02_18 the_muslims_ch02_19 the_muslims_ch02_20

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