July 15, 2020

Great Ideas For a Safe & Happy ‘Eid! – 8 Awesome Activity Pages

Will you be staying home this ‘Eid because of Covid-19? No problem! You can have a joyous ‘Eid and remain safe at the same time! Here are some terrific ideas to have a happy AND safe ‘Eid (or CovEid) this year!  Enjoy the Islamic coloring pages, mazes, fill in the blanks, spot the differences and more!

Have a wonderful ‘Eid!  Taqabbal Allahu Minnaa wa Minkum!

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Decorate Your Home this ‘Eid!

Make sure to get together with the whole family and decorate your house this ‘Eid! It’s fun and a great way to bond with your loved ones! Enjoy the Islamic coloring page below!

Decorate Your House this 'Eid! - Islamic Coloring Page

Decorate Your House this ‘Eid! – Islamic Coloring Page

Recite the ‘Eid Takbeeraat!

Despite the difficulties we may be facing, there is still SO much we have to thank Allah for. Make sure to praise Allah this ‘Eid with the takbeeraat! Learn the takbeerat with the activity page below and color it in too!

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Laa ilaaha illa Allah! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Wa lillaahil Hamd!

'Eid ul Adha Takbeerat

‘Eid ul Adha Takbeerat

Wear New Clothes or Your Best Clothes!

Make sure to wear your best clothes this ‘Eid! This is part of the sunnah which Rasool Allah (SAW) taught us!  Look at the activity page below. Jamal and Omar have mixed up their caps, shoes, socks and face masks! Can you help them sort out their clothes? Jazak Allahu khair!

Match Jamal & Omar's Clothes - Islamic Mix & Match Activities!

Match Jamal & Omar’s Clothes – Islamic Mix & Match Activities!

Pray Your ‘Eid Salah at Home!

Most of us will probably not be able to attend ‘Eid prayers with the whole Muslim community this year… but NO problem!  In difficult times, we can pray ‘Eid prayers at home!  So, make sure to pray ‘Eid prayers with your family. The coloring page below will help you learn a little bit about how to pray ‘Eid prayers… Ask your parents if you don’t know the answers!

Pray Eid Prayers at Home - Answer the Questions

Pray Eid Prayers at Home – Fill in the Blanks!

Meet Your Loved Ones Online!

It might not be possible to meet your family members and friends in person. NO PROBLEM! Talk to them online! Schedule a meeting with the ones you love on Zoom or Whatsapp or Skype (or other tool) and have a great time talking with them on ‘Eid!

Meet Your Family Online! - Islamic Coloring Page

Meet Your Family Online! – Islamic Coloring Page

Cook for the Neighbors!

How about cooking something nice for your neighbors? Cooking can be lots of fun if you do it as a family! And sharing food (like cookies) with your neighbors is a great way to show you care, and an awesome way to tell them about Islam too!

Jamal and his mother have cooked some cookies!  Can you spot the differences between the two pictures below?

Let's Bake Eid Cookies for Neighbors - Islamic Comics

Let’s Bake Eid Cookies for Neighbors – Spot the Difference!


Help Jamal & Mariam Deliver ‘Eid Cookies to their Neighbor’s House!

Jamal and Mariam have their face masks on and are trying to get to their neighbor’s house, but the way is confusing! Can you help them?

Which Way to Neighbors House? - Islamic Maze Activity

Which Way to Neighbors House? – Islamic Maze Activity

Play Together This ‘Eid!

Why not play a game together with everyone in your house this ‘Eid? It’s a great fun and a great way to increase the love between the family members! Play a game of football outside, or a board game inside… but do something TOGETHER!  Look at the picture below… the Ahmad Family is playing badminton. Add in the missing parts and color it in. Enjoy!

Play Together During 'Eid - Coloring Page

Play Together During ‘Eid – Coloring & Activity Page!


Can you think of other ways we can make this ‘Eid REALLY special? Please do share in the comments below! Jazak Allahu khair!

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