October 29, 2020

Freedom of Expression? – Ahmad Family Comic

Should we have complete freedom of expression in society?  Should people be allowed to say whatever they feel?  Even if it might offend some people around them?  As Muslims, we realize this is not the case! We are allowed to express ourselves, but we do not have the right to insult others and their beliefs!  Did you know that Allah tells us in the Qur’an that we should not curse other people’s Gods?  Because, those people in turn might start cursing Allah without knowledge (Qur’an: Surah 6, vs.108).

Today, in France, the rulers are promoting the horrible pictures that someone has drawn of our beloved Prophet (SAW)!  They say that they do this to uphold freedom of expression.  However, did you know that in France it is illegal for anyone to insult the French flag or national anthem?  And you can be fined for this?  It just shows that complete freedom of expression is not possible in any society! May Allah guide us all… Ameen!

Freedom of Expression?

Freedom of Expression? – Ahmad Family Comic

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