August 27, 2016

‘Eid ul Adha & Hajj Coloring Pages & Activity Sheets

Here are some terrific coloring pages and activity sheets to get kids ready for Dhul Hijjah, Hajj and ‘Eid ul Adha!

To download them, just right click on an image and then select ‘Save Image As‘. Save it to your computer and then print it out on an A4 size paper (or adjust it to your paper size)!


‘Eid ul Adha Coloring Page

Taqab Allahu Minnaa wa Minkum! May Allah accept from us and from you! Here’s a great coloring sheet in English and Arabic to help you prepare for ‘Eid ul Adha!

Eid ul Adha - Coloring Page (Arabic)



Eid ul Adha Coloring Page (English)


How to Treat Your Animal this ‘Eid ul Adha (Coloring Page)

Many people don’t know how to treat their sacrificial animal and they make many mistakes. Here’s a nice coloring sheet which will help you remember how to treat your animal this ‘Eid!

How to Treat Your Animal this Eid ul Adha - Do's and Don'ts!


Feed your Animal well before ‘Eid ul Adha (Coloring Page)!

This ‘Eid ul Adha, make sure to feed you animal and give them lots to drink! Enjoy coloring the page below!

Boy and Girl Feeding Cow Before 'Eid ul Adha -


Play with Your Animal & Treat it Well (Coloring Page)!

Make sure to love your animal before ‘Eid ul Adha, play with it and treat it very well! Color in the picture below!

Treat Your Animal Well Before 'Eid ul Adha


‘Eid ul Adha Word Search

How much do you know about ‘Eid ul Adha and why we celebrate it? Test your knowledge by completing this fun word search!

Eid ul Adha Word Search - Islamic Comics

How Much Do You Know About Hajj? (Fill in the Blanks)

The story of the Hajj begins with the Prophet Ibrahim (AS), who was also called ‘The Friend of Allah’. Fill in the blanks in the Hajj activity sheet below to test your knowledge about the Hajj!

Hajj Activity Sheet - Islamic Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

How Much Do You Know About the Hajj? Fill in this Hajj activity sheet to find out!


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  1. These look lovely maashallah! The perfect activity for kids in the days of Eid,
    Thankyou Absar Kazmi!

  2. These are really well done maa shaa Allah!

  3. Ma sha Allah, Great Work!

    My kids will love it.

    • Jazak Allahu khair Brother Aijaz!! I sure hope so… don’t forget to submit some of your kids’ stories and drawings to us!

  4. Masha-Allah… This looks great Absar Bhai. Wonderful…

    • Really appreciate Shaukat Bhai!! Keep coming back because insha Allah, I plan to add lots more stuff soon insha Allah! Do show your daughter, and do share with others if possible! Jzk!

  5. WoW..! Awesome! MashaAllah 🙂
    This is so constructive and educational..
    Way to go Absar bhai..!!! 🙂 🙂

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