October 10, 2020

Ahmad Family Comic – YOLO!

Have you ever heard the term YOLO? It means ‘You Live Only Once’. Some people use it to suggest that since you only live once, you should do whatever you want. As Muslims, we have to remember that YOLO is not true at all. Each of us will live TWICE! We are living now, and after our death, Allah will give us a new life. However, our next life will depend on how we lived in this life. Those who were pious and obedient to Allah, will live in Jannah, but those who were evil and disobeyed Allah, will be in Jahannam.

In this Islamic comic, Jamal plays a little prank on someone to show that YOLO is not true at all…. Enjoy reading and do share with friends and family!

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Ahmad-Family Comic - YOLO

Ahmad Family Comic – YOLO!

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