Islamic Comics

Islamic comics for Muslims young and old, including ‘Life with the Ahmad Family’ and ‘The Muslims Comic’! Enjoy them all!

Two New Teens Discovered!

The lockdown has brought to light two previously unknown types of humans: QuaranTeens and QuranTeens!

Mama… Don’t Go Out! – Ahmad Family Comic

These days, many of us across the world are locked in our homes due to the danger of becoming infected by the Corona virus. However, some people are risking their lives in order to help others who are suffering. This Islamic comic is all about one such hero.

The Things Kids Say! – Ahmad Family Comic

Have you ever tried talking to toddlers? It can be real confusing and fun trying to figure what they’re trying to say! In this Islamic comic, Abdullah has a real adventure trying to baby sit Mariam…

Summer Reading – Ahmad Family Comic

Hafsa wanted to read a nice ‘tragic’ (sad) novel. She asks her dad if he knows of a good one… His answer is not exactly what she expected! Enjoy and don’t forget to share!