Ahmad Family Comics

‘Life with the Ahmad Family’ is a comic series developed by Absar Kazmi with the help and support of Hiba Magazine. The Ahmad Family is a practicing Muslim family consisting of: Jamal, Abu Jamal (Abdullah), Umm Jamal (Fatimah), Mariam (the baby) and Fuzzball (the cat). These comics are all about the challenges they face while living in a multicultural environment. Enjoy reading them!

Ramadan Goals – Ahmad Family Comic

What are your goals for Ramadan? In this Islamic comic we learn it is very important to choose our goals very wisely and not waste the month of Ramadan

I’m Sorry – Ahmad Family Comic

It’s very important to say sorry when you do something wrong. BUT!! Some people keep saying sorry and never correct themselves… that is really annoying! Jamal’s parents have a discussion on saying ‘sorry’ in this Islamic comic. Enjoy!

Keepin’ in Touch Today – Ahmad Family Comic

In today’s world of social media and internet, sometimes we think we’re in touch with our loved ones, when just the opposite is true. In today’s Islamic comic, Omar’s friend Alex tells him how he ‘stays in touch’ with his grandparents…

The Complete Deen – Ahmad Family Comic

Some people might pray and fast, but they don’t understand what Islam is really all about. In this Islamic comic, Jamal learns that our Deen (Islam) is much more than religious rituals.

I’m Fasting Too! – Ahmad Family Comics

If someone hasn’t had anything to eat or drink, does that mean they’re fasting? Learn the difference between fasting and just being hungry in this wonderful Islamic comic!