Ramadan Coloring Pages & Activity Sheets

Lots of fun and challenging activity sheets for Muslim kids about Ramadan & ‘Eid ul Fitr! Enjoy the coloring sheets, word searches & fill in the blanks!

Manners of Fasting – Part 2

Hey kids! Suhoor (Sehri) is a very important part of fasting. So, make sure to wake up early to have your suhoor and don’t wait till the last minute!

Manners of Fasting – Part 1

Here’s a nice Ramadan Coloring page! Make sure you make your intention to fast before the time of fajr prayers!

Ramadan is About Sharing – Coloring Page

Ramadan is all about sharing what you have with others! Make sure to share your iftaar with your neighbors and friends. It’s a great way to tell them about Islam!