Hafsa and Jamal’s Dua Colouring Book (PDF)


Alhamdulillah, here’s a brand-new activity book aimed at helping children learn their daily du’aas and also to let them have some fun!

Hafsa & Jamal’s Daily Dua Colouring Book features 26 du’as, from the Quran and authentic Ahadeeth, which Muslims should recite on a regular basis, including du’aas for:

  1. Sending prayers and salutations on Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  2. Gaining knowledge
  3. For your parents
  4. For waking up and going to sleep
  5. For eating
  6. Entering & leaving the home
  7. When you feel pain
  8. When visiting a sick friend
  9. When breaking your fast
  10. When you feel angry

And many more!

Learn them, colour them and stick them up around your home!

For ages 5 – 10.

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