A Safe Place in the Big, Wild Cyberspace!

بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسولله

Assalaam-u-alaikum! (Peace be unto you!)

Welcome to IslamicComics.org!

If you are a concerned parent like me, you are painfully aware of the fact that while the internet has brought us many benefits, it can also be a very strange and dangerous place for our children!

That is why I started this website…

IslamicComics.org – A Safe Place in the Big, Wild Cyberspace!

My name is Absar Kazmi and I’m the father of four daughters who are all home schooled.

Absar Kazmi & The Ahmad Family Books

Absar Kazmi – Founder of IslamicComics.org & Life with the Ahmad Family Comic Series!

I’ve always been very concerned about what kind of content my kids are exposed to online. I’m also finding it increasingly difficult to find authentic, good quality and engaging Islamic content for youngsters on the internet!

Keeping these challenges in mind, my team and I decided to launch IslamicComics.org – An online source of authentic, fun & educational content for young Muslims! A place where parents have peace of mind that their children are only exposed to wholesome material. An ideal resource for home schooling families!

Our mission is to remind Muslims of the basics teachings of Islam, and to promote tolerance and respect among all faiths and cultures through entertaining, educational & halal content!

In a nutshell, we are giving Da’wah!

Please Note: We follow the Qur’an and the authentic ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and do not promote any specific school of thought, sect, or political movement.

We’ve Got Comics, Activity Pages, Stories, Ebooks & More!

Insha Allah, on this website you’ll find lots of fun and educational material for young Muslims. There are lots of:

Islamic comics – with humor, good morals & NO vulgarity!

You can rest assured that your kids are safe while they have fun on our site, insha Allah.

Ahmad Family Comics Collage

Entertaining comics with good morals and NO foul language or vulgarity!

Coloring & Activity Pages – In Accordance with Qur’an & Sunnah

Themes on lots of topics such as the Arabic Alphabet, Ramadan & Fasting, Hajj & ‘Umrah, the Islamic Months, Du’aas and more! All Islamic teachings are based on Qur’an and the authentic ahadith. Just download them, print them and let the fun & learning begin!


Downloadable, Printable Activity Pages

Downloadable, Printable Coloring & Activity Pages based on authentic Islamic sources!

Stories, Illustrations, Poems by Young Muslims All Over the World!

You can also send us your stories, poems & illustrations and we’ll add them to our site so people all over the world can see your work, insha Allah!

Stories, Poems, Illustrations

Stories, Poems & Illustrations by Young Muslims Worldwide!

What’s the Benefit of Subscribing to IslamicComics.org?

All visitors to our site can read and appreciate the content. However, ONLY subscribers can:

  • Download Stuff – Subscribers can download and use all the terrific activity pages (without the watermarks)!
  • Send Us Stuff – Send us their own work for us to post on the website!
  • Help us give Da’wah! – Subscribers help us continue this work of developing fun, educational, authentic Islamic content!

Also, subscribers can get FREE Ahmad Family Ebooks!!

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PLUS, you get:

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So, you are getting an actual total value of $73.50 at ONLY $30!!

So Hurry up and Subscribe Now & Let the Fun, Education, Da’wah & Savings Begin! Click here to subscribe!

Jazakum Allahu Khair!