May 2, 2018

Why Do We Fast? – Ramadan Activity Sheet

Do you know why we fast? Mariam is wondering the EXACT same thing… The Activity Sheet below will help you understand insha Allah!

[To download this Islamic activity sheet, just right click on the image below and then select ‘Save Image As‘. Save it to your computer and then print it out on an A4 size paper (or adjust it to your paper size)!]

Why Do We Fast? - Ramadan Activity Sheet

Why Do We Fast? – Ramadan Activity Sheet


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  1. WHat is the answer for the activity sheet 🌟(why do we fast?)

    • Assalaam-u-alaikum… Jazak Allahu khair for your question… Here’s a little clue… Read Surah Al Baqarah, vs. 183! Let me know if you still don’t get it ;o)

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