Islamic Comics

Islamic comics for Muslims young and old, including ‘Life with the Ahmad Family’ and ‘The Muslims Comic’! Enjoy them all!

Having Fun!

Read the preview of the fourth chapter of this Muslim comic for kids. To read the rest go here Jazaka Allahu Khayran! Click HERE to read the rest.

Waleed’s Dream Car! – Ahmad Family Comics

Have you ever gotten your dream item, then discover its not really worth the cost? In this great Islamic Comic,  find out what happens to Waleed and HIS dream car! Would you like a printed copy of the Ahmad Family Comics? Click here to get your copy!

Jamal’s Bad-Time Tale – My Own Book!

Alhumdulillah, my own book, ‘Jamal’s Bad-Time Tale’ has recently been published by IIPH (International Islamic Publishing House)! Here’s a sneak peak of the illustrations for all you Ahmad Family fans!

Achoooooo! – Ahmad Family Comics

Here’s another hilarious Islamic Comic by Absar Kazmi – whatever you try to hide, Mom always knows what’s up! How does YOUR mom read your thoughts?